Band saws

Thanks to a comprehensive material stock, we are able to produce all band saw blades in the swaged sector (Chrome-Nickel steels), settable, suitable for Stellite or Stellite-tipped ready for use (Chrome-Vanadium steels) in a short time. We use only the highest quality steels for the production of your saw blades.

You can of course decide, depending on the application and stress involved, what type of material (Swedish steel,Sandvik steel or German quality steel) we should use for the production of your high-performance saw blades. Band saw versions:
• Chrome-Vanadium band saws
• Chrome-Vanadium band saws for Stellite
• Stellite gang saws (Stellite-tipped ready for use)
• Swaged gang saws
Please feel free to contact us at any time in case of questions about our products.