Gang saws

Thanks to a comprehensive material stock, we are able to produce all gang saw types in the area of swaged (Chrome-Nickel steels), settable, suitable for Stellite or Stellite-tipped ready for use (Chrome-Vanadium steels) in a short time. We use only the highest quality steels for the production of your saw blades.

Gang saw versions:

• Chrome-Vanadium gang saws
• Chrome-Vanadium gang saws,
   hard-chromed (12–14 µm)
• Chrome-Vanadium gang saws
   Chrome-Rapid (25–30 µm)
• Chrome-Vanadium-gang saws for Stellite
  (optionally with or without capped tips)
• Stellite gang saws (Stellite-tipped ready for use)
• Swaged gang saws

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