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Here you will find an overview of our knives:

chopper and counter knife,
root reducer

Hogging and Counter Knives, Butt End Reducer Knives

The right knives for your Bruks-Klöckner, Rudnick + Enners and Vecoplan systems are usually available from stock. These are manufactured and machined from the highest quality chipper steels, which are designed for high-performance use in sawmills.

Chipper and Profile Knives

We manufacture all chipper and profiling knives that are installed in sawmill systems (Linck, EWD, Möhringer, SAB) according to drawings for our customers. We only use original chipper steel (Sweden steel), which has the best wear properties when working with wood.

Due to an extensive inventory, it is possible for us to react to customer requests in a short time.

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