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Stellite Tipped Gang Saw Blades

Widths 120mm / 130mm / 140mm / 150mm / 160mm / 170mm / 180mm


As result of an extensive stock of materials, we are able to produce all types of gang saws that can be set, stellited and compressed (chromium-nickel steels) in a short time.


Our base material (chrome vanadium 1.2235) has extremely low rolling tolerances and is characterized by the best hardness and ground surfaces. The edges of the material are rounded, which leads to a high level of work safety.


We have all types of gang saw bracing and perforations commonly used around the world in stock.


Our stellite tipped gang saws, which are only tempered with high-quality stellite, achieve optimum service life and the best dimensional accuracy when gang cutting. Both the cutting quality and the service life of the saw blades are significantly increased by using ready-to-use stellite tipped gang saw blades.


Additional special designs such as box holes (increases rigidity and supports chip removal), grid perforation (increases rigidity in the tooth area) or internal wiper slots (increases rigidity in the tooth area and ensures optimal chip removal) are optionally available.

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