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Grinding Wheels

We stock all common grinding wheel diameters in the appropriate width/thickness ratio for use in the sharpening room. Specially designed, with the right grain size for the material to be ground (steel / hard chrome / stellite / carbide), we can deliver the grinding wheel you need from stock.

Dial Gauges

Our dial gauges are characterized by their stable all-metal design and have been suitable for precise measurement of the set oder the side clearance of the saw blade for years.

Carbide Saw Tips /
Pre Brazed Saw Tips

All common raw tooth dimensions of the tooth lengths 8.5 mm, 10.5 mm and 13 mm are available at short notice in pre-brazed and non-brazed versions. The quality of the carbide can be adapted to the cutting material.

Grinding Room Equipment

Sawmill Equipment

All items that are commonly used in the sharpening room to regenerate the saw blades can be obtained from us. Our sharpening room accessories are characterized by the best quality.

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